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Stamp Collector?
No, this is my husband, Ken, making the final selection of images for his "Favorites" page, which follows. (I’ve found it best if I don’t admit to having my own favorites.)

Ken: In pulling from thousands of Helmi’s photos to create the page that leads off our Gallery section, my intention was to bring together a broad mix of breeds, coat colors and poses. And you’ll see more than 20 breeds represented. But in the end it became, as the title suggests, a collection of personal favorites – including a few of our own cats! As much as anything, it’s a collage of photogenic and fondly remembered kitties that were a genuine pleasure for me to wrangle and Helmi to photograph. We’ve found the cats that enjoy their time with us make the best subjects and we think that it shows. It’s our hope that these cats, through their portraits, will be a source of pleasure for you, too.